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Meet Deacon Rich Le Mieux!

Hello Brothers and Sisters in Christ!

My name is Rich Le Mieux, and I am taking this opportunity to introduce my wife, Roxy, and myself to you, our new Parish Family.  

When Roxy and I joined Our Lady of the Blessed Sacrament, Roxy mentioned to Father George that I was a retired deacon.  Father G. invited me to come out of retirement and I applied to be reactivated.  So, now I will share a bit of my journey to this point.

I was born in Wisconsin in 1949 and baptized there, but by kindergarten I was living in Casa Grande, AZ and attending Catholic school at St. Anthony's.  After sixth grade my parents moved to Blythe, CA where I remained through high school.  I am the oldest of six children.  Roxy, was born and raised in North Dakota - a farm girl in a family of twelve children.  We met in Blythe where she attended Junior College.  That was 54 years ago.  Roxy converted from Methodist to Roman Catholic.  We became engaged.  I joined the U.S. Air Force and we were married in a little Chapel on Hamilton Air Force Base in 1968.  I remained in the Air Force and we traveled to many places during that time.  Along the way we've eventually been blessed with six children, sixteen grandchildren, and five great-grandchildren (so far).  

During our Marriage, Roxy and I have served as  CCD instructors, Marriage Encounter team couple, Couple to Couple natural family planning instructors,  and choir members.  We made our first Cursillo in New York in 1974.  In 1980 I resigned from the Air Force and entered College at 32.  I became a Registered Nurse (and so did Roxy a few years later).  By 1988 Roxy and I, and our family were becoming road weary and foot sore from our travels.  We needed a permanent home and found it here in the Globe/ Miami area.  We joined Holy Angels' Parish and I felt called to deeper service to the Church.  In June of 1996 I was ordained Deacon in the Diocese of Tucson.

In our 32 years in Globe while serving as registered nurses in the area, I have also served in Cursillo ministry, prison ministry, hospice ministry and parish ministry at many levels.  At 62 I retired from nursing and at 65 I retired from active ministry in the diaconate.  Now, at almost 72 I have come to believe that Our Lord may still have something more for me to do.  

Roxy and I want to sincerely thank all of you for allowing us to share in your OLBS Parish Family.  We are truly humbled by the depth and richness of your faith community outreach, especially in the midst of the challenges of this Covid Pandemic.  We look forward to your people being our people and our mutual love to be the gift of our lives.

Sincerely yours in Christ - Rich and Roxy Le Mieux


We are having a poem/song writer contest! Ages 10-15 may enter. 1st Prize- $75, 2nd Prize- $50, 3rd Prize- $25. Beginning Dec. 1st ending Jan. 16th. Your entry or questions can be submitted to christinemariecorkish@gmail.com or christina.ortiz29@yahoo.com 

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With Blessed Mary, our model, we pledge our fidelity to God in the Holy Eucharist with our worship, prayer, forgiveness and love so that we may serve as Christ, Himself, served.


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